Startups MVP

We love new ideas, but then every has got one. What really matters is the execution. What sets Codelogicx apart from other companies is the ability to get into your shoes, understand your vision and execute the job on your behalf. We have been developing startup products ourselves and we know the pain the sweat it takes to get it out. To bring out the product successfully we first do rapid prototype and bring out what is called a Minimum Viable Product. It just has the core features that allow your product to be deployed and get feedback from customer and early adopters. We then use existing startup principles of validating customer feedback, working on it and then releasing product again for next round of feedback. This build-measure-learn strategy allows us to refine the product for a final successful release.


Developing web application for organization's ranging from SME to enterprise is one of the core services we offer. Over 8+ years of experience has taught us how to tackle diverse range situations in building and maintaining web applications. From small CMS sites to enterprise grade applications we do it all.


Codelogicx is one of the few companies that have experience in integration analytic tools with web application for richer decision making. Codelogicx has extensive experience in integrating R and matlab models to web applications to help web application work smarter.


Codelogicx has extensive experience setting up e-commerce portals for both digital and physical goods. Right from selecting server hardware, integrating a range of payment gateways, addressing security issues, running, monitoring and maintaining ecom platform on day to day basis, Codelogicx is adept at ensuring your online platform runs smoothly while you can focus on the physical end of the deliveries, management and other aspect of running an ecommerce organization.

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