It's a CRM offered from Codelogicx geared towards the education counselors industry. Educations counselors today rely on excel and word software on daily basis to manage contacts and records of hundreds of students which is cumbersome.

Codelogicx studied their business process and bought out CRM to help them move to an automated environment which cut down a lot of manual tasks and increased productivity. From funneling leads to tracking schools and colleges and closing the lead, CareerCounsel CRM provides end to end process automation. CareerCounsel is in development at the moment. Write to us if you are interested in CareerCounsel


GuardIntel is next generation CRM software for managing security guards. From assigning schedules to managing inventories the Guardintel software does it all. It also provides real time guard pool size of guards who are not under active duty and who can be assigned. This reduces human resources wastage and allows the organization to deploy manpower more effectively.

The system is highly scalable and can easily manage from 100 to 10000 guards without any significant resource usage on the computer. The software has the following features Employee registration, Employee ID card generation, Employee PF/ESI list, Customers – registration, Employee allocation, Leave management, insurance, billing and reports. Guardintel is in alpha at the moment. Write to us if you are interested in Guardintel

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